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Please leave your honest opinion im only 16 years old :)

let me tell you guys something.. so one of my best friends went to a resort on vacation and met one of louis’s good friends from doncaster. im not quite sure what his name is but he said they were best friends, my friend isnt really a fan or anything though and she actually became friends with him and his sister and hung out the whole week. (this all happened like 2 or 3 years ago but she only told me just now) she told me that he said that obviously everyone wanted to support him but noone really believed in him. and that they were supposed to go on their senior trip together with a group of friends but louis was still on the xfactor and all his friends kept saying stuff like how he should just quit and that singing wasnt important and that he wasnt going to win anyway and that the senior trip would be so much more fun. and that louis kept saying that no he was so happy with this opportunity, and that even if they didnt win maybe they could continue as a band, or even if they didnt make it as a band hopefully someone would recognize him and that he could maybe start a career.

and i just wanna cry thinking about small louis on the xfactor and all his friends telling him to just come home and louis staying just for the slight chance that maybe he could start a career like this

and now look where he is, im so proud of him and he absolutely 100% deserves everything he has and so much more